Версія для людей із вадами зору

Who can get a Ukrainian immigration permit not based on annual quota

Immigration to Ukraine is a responsible step and our country always welcomes those who want to become its citizens. If you are a foreigner or an individual with no citizenship, in order to successfully immigrate to Ukraine, according to appropriate laws (The law of Ukraine “On immigration”, “On Ukrainian citizenship”) you can get a Ukrainian immigration permit not based on annual quota in these cases:


Necessary documents

Ukrainian citizens’ children and parents

a document which confirms affinity

Persons which have a right to immigrate based on territorial origination  

a document which confirms that:

– immigrant (the one who applies);

– one or both parents;

– grandfather or grandmother;

– son or daughter;

– grandson or granddaughter;

– brother or sister (siblings or half-related ones);

have permanently lived or were born on the territory of modern Ukraine (or other territories, which were part of UPR, WUPR, SSR, Ukrainian SSR, State of Ukraine, Transkarpathian Ukraine or in other cases according to the law of Ukraine “On Ukrainian citizenship”) before 24.08.1991.

Foreign Ukrainians, their brides and children (in case of join entry and residence on the territory of Ukraine)

a document, which confirms receiving of “Foreign Ukrainian” status, or copy of a document which confirms affinity with foreign Ukrainians


In case if the other spouse is a Ukrainian citizen, and the marriage was registered at least 2 years ago

Persons, who are currently under guardianship or trusteeship of Ukrainian citizens or are guardians or trustees of Ukrainian citizens

a copy of a document which confirms guardianship or trusteeship over Ukrainian citizen, or a copy of a document which confirms that Ukrainian citizen is a guardian or a trustee of the person who applies

Persons, whose immigration is beneficial for Ukraine

central executive authorities of Ukraine evidence which confirms that immigration of particular person meets national interests of Ukraine

For more information about immigration permits please visit Ukrainian National Immigration Service website, call +380442785030, send an email to info@dmsu.gov.ua or visit the nearest NIS office.

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