Версія для людей з порушеннями зору
Версія для людей з порушеннями зору

Terms and payments for apostilzation

According to Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decree “On granting authority to issue the apostille under the Convention abolishing the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents" 18.01.2003 №61, term of documents review for the apostille is up to 5 working days. In case if the owner submits documents, and the Department has enough information, apostille is given the same day.

The term of the process can be extended to 20 working days if additional information is required to address the issue of the apostillation, of which the Department will notify the applicant when receiving documents.

According to the Order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "About the size and order of payment of the certificate" №253 from 22.12.2003, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine as №1211/8532 from 24.12.2003, the fee for the apostillation of official documents for use in other states, is:

  • for Ukrainian citizens, foreigners and people without citizenship – 3 non-taxable minimum incomes (51 hryvnias);
  • legal entities – 5 non-taxable minimum incomes (85 hryvnias).

Service is free for:

  • first and second category handicapped people;
  • World War II veterans;
  • first and second category victims of Chernobyl catastrophe;
  • orphans.

Note: service is free only in case of apostilization of documents, which belong only to citizens mentioned above.

The procedure of apostille issuance on official documents, submitted in Ukraine, intended for use in other countries, is regulated by the Rules, approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 05.12.2003 №237/803/151/5.

Submitting and processing of documents for apostille is held in office of apostillation, legalization and obtaining of documents in Consular Service Department every day (except holidays and weekends) from 09:00 till 12:00, issuance of apostilled documents – from 16:00 till 17:00 (Friday – from 16:00 till 16:30).

Documents are to be submitted: Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska, 2.

For additional information call (044) 238 16 69 or send email to [email protected].





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