Версія для людей з порушеннями зору
Версія для людей з порушеннями зору

Issuance of foreigners and stateless persons employment permit in Ukraine

Acquiring permission for employment of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine is performed in the nearest regional employment service, and is based on employer’s or his trustee’s application (power of attorney is required).

Service fee is 6400 UAH (paid after acquiring positive response on application).

Decision is to be made in 7 working days, then employment service must aware applicant about the decision.

Employment service admits application and gives applicant a copy of vacancy description with a registration mark (date and number), then service checks if documents and application meet the requirements (are there qualified workers in the region, whether their qualification and education meet applicants requirements, whether applicant has any tax debts, whether applicant is serving a sentence, etc.). The process lasts for one week, then applicant is informed about the decision, after that he has to pay the service fee and acquire the permission.

Required documents:

Application form;

– Properly certified copies of documents about education;

– Copies of foreigners or stateless person’s ID, which contain personal data, together with their properly certified translation into Ukrainian language;

– Two colored 3,5x4,5 photographs;

– Document, which confirms that applicant does not suffer from chronic alcoholism, toxicomany, is not a drug addict or sick with contagious infections;

– Document, which confirms, that the position obtained by foreigner or stateless person does not require Ukrainian citizenship and is not associated with national secrets (certified by director’s stamp and signature);

– MIA’s confirmation that foreigner or stateless person do not serve sentence or currently are not under investigation.

For more information about issuance of employment permit and other issues concerning foreigner’s employment please visit KEC website.

Kyiv central employment service is situated at Zhulanska str, 47-b.

Kyiv employment service hotline: +38(044)2451717. Department of foreigners employment: +38(044)2870724.

Kyiv district employment services:

  • Golosiivski employment service – Lomonosova str, 10, +38(044)2577602;
  • Darnitski employment service – Zaslonova str, 22, +38(044)5672603;
  • Desnianski employment service – Kashtanova str, 7, +38(044)5159498;
  • Dniprovski employment service – Raiduzhna str, 9-a, +38(044)5427568;
  • Obolonski employment service – Petra Pancha str, 7-b, +38(044)4621040;
  • Pecherski employment service – Ioana Pavla II str, 7, +38(044)2773648;
  • Podilski employment service – Marshala Grechka str, 20-a, +38(044)4270328;
  • Sviatoshinski employment service – J. Kolasa str, 19-a, +38(044)4072230;
  • Solomianski employment service – Zhylianska str, 47-b, +38(044)2773708;
  • Shevchenkivski employment service – J. Kolasa str, 19-a, +38(044)4072230.

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