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The Kyiv city council has named one of new streets in honor of Viktor Pavlenko, Army General of the Ukrainian People's Republic

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Дата оприлюднення
14 листопада 2019 року

The Kyiv city council has recently named one of new streets in a new development located in the city’s Solomianskyi district in honor of Viktor Pavlenko (1886–1932), a Ukrainian military and political leader, Army General of the Ukrainian People's Republic, founder of its Air Forces.

VIKTOR OLEKSIYOVYCH PAVLENKO was a veteran of the World War I (1914-1917) and served as Lieutenant Colonel of Aviation for the Imperial Russian Army. Pavlenko was also in charge of air security of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief headquarters (Stavka) in Mogilev.

Viktor Pavlenko died in 1932 in his native Kuban’ region in the genocide of Holodomor, Stalin’s artificial famine which led to mass starvation of Ukrainians.

Unfortunately, a fake information was published yesterday, claiming that the street was named after Ivan Pavlenko, a Nazi collaborator during World War II, which has caused a wave of a manipulative coverage in international media.

With all due respect to each and every opinion, we recommend to avoid spreading disinformation and strongly encourage everyone to check information with official sources.

All information on the names of new streets in Kyiv is publicly available at the official website of the Kyiv City Council, and had been available long before the decision was adopted.

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