Версія для людей з порушеннями зору
Версія для людей з порушеннями зору

Terms and conditions of immigration permit acquiring and documents admission

Immigration to Ukraine is a responsible step and our country always welcomes those who want to become its citizens. If you are a foreigner or an individual with no citizenship, in order to successfully immigrate to Ukraine, according to appropriate laws (The law of Ukraine “On immigration”, “On Ukrainian citizenship”) you have to complete the following procedure.

Application form and other documents for your immigration permit must be submitted personally to NIS or nearest Ukrainian diplomatic institution (if you are currently abroad).

If you are underage or incapable, the application form is to be submitted by legal guardian.

Term of application consideration is limited by one year since the moment of submission.

If immigrant is a spouse, and he or she wants to immigrate together with an underage child (or children), he or she has to submit other spouse's’ notarized statement, which states that he or she does not object their children’s immigration. In case is such statement is not available, spouse must submit appropriate institution’s statement, which states that children must stay with the immigration spouse. Such statement must be legalized by Ukrainian diplomatic institution.

In case of major conditions, such as serious disease or natural disaster, application form can be submitted via mail, or by authorized person, who has a notarized original authorization document.

For more information about immigration permits please visit Ukrainian National Immigration Service website, call +380442785030, send an email to  [email protected]  or visit the nearest NIS office.

Якщо у Вас виникли технічні питання або побажання з приводу доопрацювання Єдиного веб-порталу м. Києва, то зверніться, будь ласка, до служби технічної підтримки за номером: (044) 366-80-13 або напишіть на електронну пошту [email protected]